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Driven Piles

Driven Piles are of various shape make and sizes, these consist precast concrete, round steel casings, tubular steel casings, steel H sections, composite piles and timber piles.

Depth - depending ground conditions.
Hydraulic and Air powered Impact Hammers ranging from .6 tonne to 14 tonne (ram block weight).

Hydraulic Vibratory Hammers from 5 tonne to 12 tonne.


They are a cost effective piling technique and can be used in a variety of soil conditions. Piles can be driven to depths of 50 metres depending on soil conditions and carry high individual loads or can be grouped together for heavier loads. Driven Piles takes away the requirement to remove spoil from site and can therefore be ideal for working in contaminated areas.

Avopiling have hydraulic impact hammers that can drive precast piles. The most significant accomplishment we have achieved is driving of 550 octagonal precast piles and steel tubes 1.55m in diameter to a depth of 39 metres.

In most cases driving of steel casings on certain ground conditions would require us to utilise the hydraulic impact hammer and or vibratory hammers ranging from 6 tonne to 14 tonne (ram weights).


The benefits of driven piling systems are the following:

  • Can be installed in virtually all soil conditions.
  • Minimal site preparation.
  • Very quick and precise construction.
  • No spoil removal.
  • Consistent quality, piles can be inspected prior to installation.
  • A variety of different Pile types.
  • Can be installed on a rake.

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